Following the decision of the MDC to withdraw from Zimbabwe’s elections, William Hague has called for the international community to do five things:

  1. Withhold recognition of the Harare Government
  2. Widen EU sanctions on members of the regime, and enforcing them properly
  3. Debate Zimbabwe at the UN Security Council and calling for a UN Commission of Inquiry into the grotesque abuses of human rights, with a view to future action by the International Criminal Court (see Ben Rogers on this)
  4. Maintain the pressure on Southern African countries to cease to prop up a regime disgracing their region (Dan Lewis notes that S Africa could turn Zimbabwe’s power off).
  5. Prepare an international rescue programme for when Mugabe is gone (William Hague has written on this subject for ConservativeHome).

The Shadow Foreign Secretary concluded: “This is a criminal government, and should now be treated as such.”