Sky News:

"Hard-hitting anti-binge drinking adverts which show young people
deliberately injuring themselves and smearing vomit in their hair have
been unveiled. "You wouldn’t start a night like this, so why end it
that way?" is the message, designed to show the consequences of
drinking too much.  One ad – to be shown during youth programmes on
national television – depicts a young man getting ready for a night out
who rips out his ear-ring, smashes a wardrobe door in his face,
urinates on his shoes and pours a takeaway down his shirt."

There is a KnowYourLimits Youtube channel featuring three of these videos. Here’s one of them:

New Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve worries that the ads are just gimmicks:

"While public information is important this
will be nothing more than another gimmick if it is not backed up with
proper enforcement of the law.  Prosecutions for drunkenness are down by over a third since 2002 and
just a handful of people have been properly punished for selling to
underage or drunk customers. This is not to mention the fact that it was this Government that unleashed 24 hour drinking on our towns and cities."

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