Did you hear David Davis on the Today programme, 8.10am?  In a ten minute interview about 90% was spent on the "process story" of his resignation and what it meant for his political future/ the Conservative Party.  There was almost no discussion of the issues upon which David Davis has resigned.  That’s what is wrong with political coverage today.

Over the next few weeks let’s hope that that can be put right and David Davis gets the chance to put his case on 42 days, CCTV, DNA databases etc.

11.15am: David Davis has just done half an hour with Five Live, he described 42 days as "frankly evil" and also said that his good friend Dominic Grieve would be a better Home Secretary than him anyway. Afterwards R5 played clip of David Cameron talking about the need for the Shadow Cabinet to be "permanent", at its "very strongest"… and also that it is "a team, and will play as a team."