ComresThe 18% lead is the good news.  The less good news headlined by ComRes in their press release is that the Tories were winning 48% before news of David Davis’ resignation was announced (40% of those polled) but just 41% afterwards (60% of those polled).  Only one poll, of course, and only involving 1,012 people in total but, on the face of it, a notable difference.

The Sunday Telegraph also promises to be difficult reading for admirers of David Davis.  Patrick Hennessey, the newspaper’s political editor, has blogged this: "The true depth of the anger felt by senior Tories at the decision by David Davis to resign his parliamentary seat and fight a by-election is revealed publicly for the first time in The Sunday Telegraph tomorrow when a leading Conservative breaks cover and directly criticises the former shadow home secretary."

7.30pm: John Rentoul has more.