You bet he is.  Ireland’s "no" means he’s off the hook – at least for now – on the whole post-ratification referendum debate.  The Conservative leader’s full statement is published below the smile.

“I’m delighted with the news. People in Ireland have sent the clearest possible message. They do not want this treaty, they do not want this Constitution and by all rights now it should be declared dead. The French said no to it, the Dutch said no to it and it was brought back and the only people who’ve been given a chance to pass judgement on it, the Irish, have now said no to it.

“I think the elites in Brussels have got to listen to people in Europe who do not want endless powers being passed from nation states to Brussels. They do not want these endless constitutions and treaties.

“And I have to say it is the height of arrogance for Gordon Brown and our Government to press ahead with ratifying this treaty and flying in the face of public opinion. The Prime Minister should come to the House of Commons on Monday and explain in a statement what he proposes to do. Part of that statement is that if this is not dead, we must be able to have a referendum in this country so that we have the chance to pass judgement on this treaty.”