The Mail on Sunday has a BPIX poll (click to enlarge graphic) that puts Conservatives 23% ahead: Con 49%, Lab 26%, LD 14%.

In the BPIX poll last September Brown was preferred to Cameron as a dinner-party guest, babysitter, defender in a street
fight, pub quiz team member and upholder of British values. Now Cameron is ahead in all these areas, in most cases by a margin of two to one.

to say if they associated Brown and Cameron with a long list of
positive characteristics, Cameron won in every single
category: ‘change’ (10% for Brown), ‘strong’, ‘honest’, ‘attractive’ (1% for Brown),
‘caring’ ‘optimistic’, ‘competent’, ‘patriotic’, ‘charismatic’ (3% fo Brown),
‘intelligent’, ‘judgment’, ‘realistic’, ‘dignified’ and ‘modern’.

Other key findings:

  • 85% say Brown has performed worse
    than they expected, 55% say Cameron has performed better than expected.
  • 44% say Brown should resign now
  • More than four in ten say he would be the last to pay back a £20 loan compared with just one in three last year, and Labour is still regarded as more sleazy.
  • Cameron is more like Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher, Brown more like John Major
  • 53% say that, in hindsight, they wish Brown had not ousted Blair.
  • Labour has no obvious replacement for poor Brown: David
    Miliband comes top of the list of successors with just 14%, followed by Jack Straw.