Another poll! A ComRes poll for the Independent has the Conservatives 21% ahead, the highest rating and biggest lead for any party since ComRes began polling for the paper in 2006.

Conservatives: 46% (+2)
Labour: 25% (-5)
LibDems: 18% (+2)

Brown may be dragging his party’s support down as more of those polled actually said that they regarded themselves as supporting Labour (27%) than Conservative (26%). 13% of those Labour "identifiers" intend to vote Tory, as do 14% of LibDem identifiers. Only 4% of LibDem identifiers say they will vote Labour, while 7% of Labour identifiers intend to back the LibDems.

Encouragingly, 74% of Tory supporters are absolutely certain to vote, compared to 58% of Labour supporters and 50% of LibDems. We’re ahead of Labour amongst every age and social group and in every region except Scotland.