A victory for David Cameron and Pauline Neville-Jones today.  A big victory.  The Times is reporting that Ken Livingstone’s favourite preacher of hate, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has been denied entry to Britain.  The Muslim Council of Britain has accused the Tories Government of surrendering to “unreasonable demands spearheaded by the Tory leader”.  That statement tells us a great deal about the MCB.

ToryDiary reported David Cameron’s demands for Qaradawi to be excluded from Britain last week.  Dame Pauline Neville-Jones had singled out the controversial cleric much earlier – in her security policy group report.

The decision of the Government is a snub to Ken Livingstone who has regularly defended Qaradawi despite his offensive remarks about gay people and the merits of suicide bombing.  This is Boris Johnson’s reaction:

“It is absolutely right that this preacher of hate has been refused entry to the UK.  This decision highlights Ken Livingstone’s gross error of judgement in inviting a man to London who espouses such vile opinions.”

But it’s one step forward and one step back.  The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has told the BBC that Sharia Law is unavoidable in the UK.  Harry’s Place has erupted: "Isn’t there something particularly pathetic about a Bishop in a church which – in theory – exists to evangelise, shilling on behalf of the theocratic politics of another religion, which wishes to write their version of "god’s will" into law?"  It can’t be long before Melanie Phillips has something strong to say, too…