Tories regaining the initiative (1): Action on crime

In an article for The Sunday Telegraph David Davis promises:

  • "Dramatic reductions in the current 29 central government targets
    for the police. In their place, we would introduce directly-elected
    police commissioners, to make police forces directly accountable to
    their local communities."
  • "As part of wider reform, a Conservative government will abolish
    "statutory charging" in straightforward magistrates court cases,
    restoring discretion to the custody sergeant and eliminating the reams
    of paperwork that police prepare for the Crown Prosecution Service.
    This will free up to a million police hours per year, allowing officers
    to re-focus on fighting crime."
  • "We will allow defendants at police stations to appear before
    magistrates by video for a range of hearings, cutting the time wasted
    on travel to and from court and waiting for a case to be heard."

The ICM survey for The Sunday Telegraph shows that the Tories enjoy a 48% to 26% lead over Labour on who voters trust on crime.

Osborneatc4awardsTories regaining the initiative (2): Lower taxation

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, George Osborne promises to ‘plot a path away’ from Labour’s CGT hike:

"There is not the scope at the moment for a big overall cut in taxes. But we shouldn’t be raising taxes. The Government has got this crazy plan for a £700 million increase in capital gains tax, which hits entrepreneurs. There is no other country in the world that thinks the answer is to increase taxes on enterprise. We are going to plot a path away from that."

Later this week the shadow Chancellor will unveil a report that details how Britain is becoming less and less competitive.  He will also adopt some of the pro-enterprise recommendations contained in John Redwood’s competitiveness report.

Tories regaining the initiative (3): Maternity nurses for all

Tories are considering offering six-hour-a-day
maternity nurses to provide advice on everything from bathing to
breastfeeding in the first week of a new baby’s life.

Michael Gove writes about this proposal for The Observer.  The BBC has more on the policy.