Annabel Goldie MSP, Leader of Scotland’s Conservatives is celebrating a number of concessions valued at £114m tonight.  The concessions were won by Tory MSPs in return for successful passage of the budget of the minority SNP government.  Ms Goldie issued the following statement:

“The Scottish Conservatives have changed this budget for the better.  We have used our influence to deliver key policies which will mean more police, lower taxes, and a new national drugs strategy.

On police, our pressure has resulted in 500 more new Officers than the SNP had pledged – with 300 being recruited next year alone. Scotland will be safer.

For Scotland’s 150,000 smallest businesses, our determined demands will cut their local tax bills by hundreds of pounds each over the next two years. Scotland will be more prosperous.

On drugs abuse, our robust approach will deliver a new National Drugs Strategy for Scotland, more funding and a greater emphasis on abstinence and recovery. Scotland now has a chance in the fight against drugs.

And we have also secured a better deal for Scotland’s bus operators, taking pressure off fuel prices which is good for passengers and good for the environment. Scotland will be greener.

Taken together, this is a package of concessions worth more than £114million.  Nearly two years ago, the Scottish Conservatives first argued for a new politics, and an end to coalition government. We fought the Holyrood Elections promising to work issue-by-issue, vote-by-vote, doing what was right for the people of Scotland by sticking to our policies and principles.  We have done that today, and Scotland is the winner.”

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