That’s the speculation over at LabourHome.  Gisela Stuart and Graham Stringer resigned from the IWantAReferendum campaign after being warned by Government Chief Whip Geoff Hoon that their membership of it was incompatible with receiving the Labour whip.  Kate Hoey and Frank Field are sticking with IWAR and must now risk losing the whip.

The consensus at LabourHome favours action against Hoey and Field.  These comments are typical:

"I think Kate Hoey is just beyond the pale."

"Can’t fault Geoff Hoon on this, self-indulgent MP’s need to wake up and smell the consquences. Agree that Hoey is detached and I consider it an insult to the party if she stands at the next election."

"Agree, MPs should have no part of this insidious campaign and Hoon must be firm."

"Kate Hoey will be no loss to us anyway – I’ve never forgiven her for supporting fox hunting. She’d prefer being in the Tories anyway.’

"[Frank Field] makes Blair look like a Bennite."

Given that Charles Clarke was using Tory lines to attack Brown today, LabourHome will be calling for his head next.

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