David Davis, Damian Green and Theresa May were at St Stephen’s Club today to again put pressure on the Government over human trafficking, particularly on why it still hasn’t ratified the European Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings 2005 (ECAATHB).

They released a report (download pdf here)
on the problems and solutions to human trafficking. It’s just nine pages so worth a quick read, some of the statistics are

Labour finally took advantage of the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade by signing the treaty last March. Over nine months later after the headlines and it hasn’t done anything about it, surprise surprise. The treaty comes into force in ten countries on February 1st. Cllr Andrew Gilbert proposed the idea
of ratifying the convention fourteen months ago in our 100policies
experiment, and it was approved in a vote of readers. Also, at Spring
Forum this year the Party’s Human Rights Commission launched a campaign in support of Stop the Traffik, which included a Freedom Wall that many activists and senior party figures signed their support.

They also spoke about making Operation Pentameter permanent, the advantages of introducing a proper UK
Border Police Force (Lord Stevens’ report on which is due soon), and
strengthening airport security protocol in looking out for trafficking. Press reporting 
so far has partly focused on proposals – such as having a 30 day asylum
reprieve for victims, setting up a dedicated helpline, and increasing the number of safe houses – that
were actually announced by Davis a year ago today! We reported on them at the time. Good to get more coverage for the issue though. The Government’s feet-dragging on this is hard to fathom, surely it can find a few spare civil servants and the relatively small amount of money required to get it squared away.

If anyone, like one or two commenters last time, is in any
doubt about what we mean about human trafficking, it’s not about
immigration but more about the selling of human beings such as this poor woman.

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