Another blog has started today.  The Times’ Sam Coates – not to be confused with our own Sam Coates (!) – has begun a Red Box blog.  Sam blogged throughout the Party Conference season last year and good stuff it was, too.  Over the last year, as Peter Franklin noted, there has been an explosion of mainstream blogging.  The Spectator’s Coffee House quickly became the most successful mainstream media blog although The Telegraph’s Three Line Whip looks set to be at least as essential.  Ben Brogan – back blogging today – remains ConservativeHome’s favourite for insidery news.

With all of this extra blogging it’s difficult to keep up.  The centre column – ‘Latest news and blogs’ – on ConservativeHome’s homepage provides a rolling links service to the best of all this blogging.  One year ago the ToryDiary section of this site was the most popular.  Now the homepage is visited twice as often – largely because many are using it as a gateway site.

Please use the thread below to offer any thoughts on how you’d like to see ConservativeHome evolve this year.  Our plan is to campaign on ten major themes – the first of which we’ll launch tomorrow.  Later this week we’ll also be replacing our Columnists page with something we have high hopes for…

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