ConservativeHome has been going for almost three years now. It’s come a long way and we believe it is still moving onwards and upwards. Thank you to all those who read, comment, email or donate.

As you can see there are a number of elements to ConservativeHome that
need to be nurtured and the two of us only have so many hours in the

Basically we’d like to hear from anybody who is interested in working for the site…

  • Regular readers who would like to volunteer to occasionally help with oddjobs.
  • A young, ambitious intern or two who would like to intern with us for a few months.
  • Anyone with any or all of the following: a good technical brain, interest in web 2.0, knowledge of Typepad, skill with Photoshop, skill
    with video-editing. Fees negotiable, voluntary assistance would not be
  • A politically experienced individual who would be interested in
    working with the team full-time on writing for and running the site.
    Salary negotiable.

We’re really looking for people of intelligence and integrity who would be personally committed to ConservativeHome. Email Samuel if you’re interested in getting involved.

We’re increasingly moving away from being a blog and towards being more
of a portal for conservatism, a bit like in the US. For
some time now ConservativeHome has, like newspaper editorials or
Economist news pieces, not indicated which of us writes posts on
ToryDiary, LondonMayor etc. We’ve also launched to
harness the thoughts of dozens of top conservative thinkers and have
somewhere that is regularly updated and providing food for the
conservative blogosphere.

PS We will be responding to the recent thread on What next for ConservativeHome?

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