Tory MP Ian Taylor, Chairman of the Conservative Party’s Science and Technology taskforce, has issued a statement today urging Britain to embrace nuclear power:

"Unless the Government moves quickly to boost the nuclear power
station rebuilding programme, there is no hope in meeting the
non-fossil fuel targets. Wind and wave power alone will not suffice.  Greenpeace shows sheer hypocrisy in pressing its objections. Members should resign in protest if they are seriously ‘green’."

In the video below Mr Taylor describes the belief that a little more wind and wave power will deliver energy security as "emotionally confused".  Only nuclear power, he says, will help Britain to substantially reduce its dependence on oil from the Middle East and gas from Russia.


The initial Cameron position on nuclear power was to regard it as a "last resort" but that language is no longer being used.  The Tories now believe that as long as there is a fair and equitable financial regime, nuclear power should be an important part of Britain’s future energy mix.  The Liberal Democrats remain firmly opposed to any more nuclear power plants.  12% of Tory members agreed with the LibDems’ opposition to nuclear power.  85% disagreed with it.

Early last month David Cameron gave a speech to Greenpeace, promising a decentralised energy revolution where people are paid for the energy they produce.

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