IpsosmoriAn Ipsos Mori survey for The Sun gives the Tories a 10% lead.  The Conservatives are steady on 42% and Labour is down 3% to 32%.

Other findings show that the Tory leader still has work to do.  Brown beats Cameron by 45% to 27% when it comes to who would be best in a crisis.  The existing PM also has a 37% to 33% lead over the man who wants to be PM when Mori’s sample was asked who would be "most capable Prime Minister" overall.  Cameron has a 37% to 34% advantage when it comes to "best able to deal with 21st century problems".  This excellent video from last year’s Party Conference successfully painted Mr Brown as a man of the past.

And what are we to make of The Sun’s treatment of its poll?  "Brown is still the top man (just)," the newspaper headlines.  The Sun Says column offers us more about the thinking at Wapping:

"The Prime Minister’s New Year relaunch HAS stabilised his freefalling popularity. Voters give him the edge again as a better PM than the Tory leader… But it’s not all coming up red roses.  The Tories are ahead overall by ten points, double their lead two months ago… The wildly fluctuating results of recent polls prove one thing, though: Britain, like America, is still entirely unsure which way to jump."

We think their poll says that Labour is on course to lose its majority but the Tories still have a lot of work to do if we are to win a parliamentary majority.  Most of all, we must find more reasons to enthuse voters in 2008.  We need more pledges like last year’s inheritance tax cut.

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