An ICM poll in tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph will put the Conservatives back on 40%, with Labour and the LibDems on 33% and 18% respectively. The ICM poll before New Year had us 5% ahead. Cameron also beats Brown by just 39% to 38% on being seen as having the best qualities to be PM.

On the issues, 82% agreed with the recently announced Conservative policy that people should lose unemployment
benefit after two years unless they do community projects, and 77% said they believed most unemployed
people in their area could find a job if they really wanted one. 78% said it
should be made harder for immigrants to come to Britain, and 48% to 43% agreed with Brown’s nuclear expansion plans, especially men.

1am update on the 13th January: The Sunday Times also has a poll.  Its YouGov survey gives the Conservatives a 10% lead and identifies growing concerns about the state of the economy: "By 41% to 14% people think their family’s finances will worsen this year, and by 32% to 27% they expect house prices to fall."


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