Earlier today we noted the Mori survey for The Sun.

The survey found that the Tories were 10% ahead but that Brown was (narrowly) the preferred PM.  It appears that the samples were not the same.  The 10% lead came from those very likely to vote but the lead for Brown was from amongst all those sampled – not necessarily the people who will decide the next election.

Helpfully, Mori will be publishing the
full data set for their poll on Monday on their website.  We’ll then be able to see if those who are certain-to-vote will rate Brown quite so well as every eligible voter.’s Mike Smithson has much more on this.  The Sun’s treatment of the story has certainly annoyed senior Tories who think much more should have been made of the headline voting figures.

A poll for tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph will, ConservativeHome understands, have solidly good news for David Cameron – on personal ratings and headline voting intentions.  More later.

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