There are many of today’s front page stories that won’t encourage the Tory leader.  The Mail, in particular, continues its pursuit of Derek Conway.  The Sun, however, does shine on David Cameron and with one of its memorable headlines…

The Conservative leader has given a big law’n’order interview to The Sun – one week after the newspaper launched a major campaign to ‘mend Broken Britain’.

The meat of Mr Cameron’s remarks is found in a commitment to expand stop and search.  This is what he says:

“Stop and search rules were put in place to protect young black and Asian British kids. Now it’s the young black and British Asian kids that are being stabbed and shot and the rules are getting in the way of protecting them… We need to see a culture where it is unacceptable to carry a gun or a knife.  We will scrap the rules of stop and search. We need more newer rules.  We need to work out whether it needs completely scrapping, or whether we need to replace the say-so of an inspector with that of a sergeant or lower. But those current laws, be in no doubt, have got to go.”

Mr Cameron said that the Conservatives are considering scrapping
provisions in the 1984 Police and Criminal Evidence Act that make it
bureaucratic for the police to stop and search.

Read David Cameron’s interview here.

The Sun Says welcomes Mr Cameron’s interview which is splashed across two inside pages.  Page 3’s Keeley is also impressed:

is delighted that Tory leader David Cameron has pledged to tackle
street crime.  She said: "It’s about time a politician took a tougher
stance over the rise in violence.  Nowadays streets are so mean that
you don’t feel safe walking down them.  David is right to get tough."

you have it!  Apologies to some readers who will be disappointed that
we’ve only captured Keeley’s face but this is a family-friendly website.

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