3.15pm round-up: Iain Dale notes that the Speaker forgot to call Nick Clegg. Ben Brogan is correct to point out that Mr Cameron is guilty of unparliamentary behaviour when he keeps referring to the Prime Minister as "you".  Fraser Nelson concludes that Cameron got the better of the Prime Minister.  The Telegraph’s David Hughes enjoys the fact that both Cameron and Clegg feel confident enough to tackle Brown on the economy – once his strong suit.

Editorial verdict: Forgive the capitals but WHY DOES THE SPEAKER ALLOW THE PM TO QUESTION DAVID CAMERON AGAIN AND AGAIN? It’s bad enough that Brown doesn’t answer the questions that are put to him but he’s abusing what is Prime Minister’s Questions, not Leader of the Opposition’s Questions. made a little history, too: DOUGLAS CARSWELL BECAME THE FIRST MP TO LIVE-BLOG PMQs DIRECT FROM THE CHAMBER!

Highlights. Not verbatim:

Nick Clegg asks about rocketing home repossessions – expected to rise by 50% this year.  Under Labour’s watch, grossly irresponsible lending strategies were allowed to be pursued.  Brown responds by saying that home ownership has risen considerably under Labour.  He quotes from a Chris Huhne document cataloguing Nick Clegg’s flip-flops on economic issues.

12.10pm: Brown concludes by saying that the FSA and Bank of England both support what the Government has done and the Tories used to.  The Tories, he says, have changed their position a number of times on nationalisation.  Labour stands for stability, he says, and the Conservatives for instability.

12.07pm: Cameron accuses Brown of dithering and delaying on all decisions about Northern Rock because of his planning for a General Election.

12.07pm: Brown says he refuses to give a running commentary on figures.

12.06pm: Cameron notes that Brown hasn’t answered his question.  Will he confirm that the exposure won’t get any greater?

12.05pm: Brown replies by saying that the Bank of England releases the data every week.  Does Mr Cameron support the actions we have taken?

12.04pm: I asked about precise figures, says David Cameron.  Is it true that the taxpayer has lent £55bn?

12.03pm: Gordon Brown responds by saying that that is still his hope that taxpayers will get all their money back.  He encourages the Opposition to support what the Government is doing.

12.02pm: David Cameron asks about Northern Rock. What is the exact extent of loans and guarantees?  Will the taxpayers get all of the money back?

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