PopulusThe headline figures in tomorrow’s Populus poll for The Times point to a narrower Tory lead but the better news is the continuing slide of the ‘Brown brand’:

"A Populus poll for The Times, the first of the new year, shows that David Cameron has overtaken Mr Brown in being seen to have what it takes to be a good Prime Minister after a big recent shift.  Six months ago, just after becoming Prime Minister, Mr Brown was ahead of Mr Cameron by 56 to 32 per cent on this measure. Now, the Conservative leader is ahead by 44 to 40 per cent. Much of the decline has happened in the past two months.  There have been similarly large shifts against Mr Brown on other measures of leader image, cutting his previously large lead on being strong from 32 to six points, while Mr Cameron has moved even further into the lead on charisma and likeability."

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