Tim Montgomerie writes:

A final word on Derek Conway.

After turning down media for 24 hours I was happy to give a number of interviews this afternoon to welcome David Cameron’s lunchtime decision and to contrast the actions taken by the Tory leader with Gordon Brown’s indulgence of his many miscreant ministers.  One thing I said on the PM programme is, I think, worth repeating.  David Cameron has removed Mr Conway from the parliamentary party but has refused to rule out future rehabilitation.  "Never say never" the Tory leader told Radio 4.  Mr Cameron’s reasonableness is understandable but Mr Conway really should do the decent thing now and tell Old Bexley and Sidcup Tories that he won’t be seeking to be their candidate at the next election.

Voters understand what Mr Conway did and they really, really don’t like it.  If he stands at the next election I wouldn’t be surprised if he faced the kind of anti-sleaze candidate that Neil Hamilton faced in 1997.   Such a candidate might easily win the seat.  What’s worse it would be a soap opera that would play throughout the next General election campaign.  Mr Conway should do his party one final service and move quickly to admit that his political career is over.

PS I can’t say very much about Nigel Waterson MP for legal reasons but I’d ask all readers to give him the benefit of the doubt.  What I’ve been told about last night’s incident has made me respect the man more than I have ever done before.  Please don’t leave speculative comments in the thread below… I’d probably have to delete them.

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