David Cameron’s reaction Peter Hain’s resignation:

"It’s the right decision, but it shouldn’t have happened in this way.  I said some time ago the Prime Minister should have said to Peter Hain you’ve got to give a convincing explanation of your situation or you can’t stay in the Cabinet, instead we’ve had a long delay where one of the most important departments in Government hasn’t been led properly , and I think that was wrong.  The Department of Work and Pensions is one of the most important jobs in government. It is one of the highest spending departments: responsible for pensions, responsible for benefits and welfare reform. It is a huge department and a very big hole will be left by Mr Hain’s departure, which the Prime Minister will have to fill. The Prime Minister should not have allowed this to go on for so long."

Earlier this afternoon Chris Grayling said: “Peter Hain’s resignation was inevitable and the right thing to do given the Electoral Commission’s decision.  What is important now is for Gordon Brown to take rapid action to restore effective leadership to a department that has clearly been distracted by the events of the last few weeks.”

4.15pm: Chris Grayling’s statement on James Purnell’s appointment as Hain’s successor: "“I hope he will be able to take a firm grip on a department that is clearly losing its way, with revelations in the last two weeks alone that National Insurance numbers have been issued to illegal immigrants and personal data has been left on the roadside.”

5pm: The man the Politics Editor of The Daily Telegraph thinks might be the next Labour leader – Andy Burnham – is the new Culture Secretary. His old job, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, is filled by Yvette Cooper. Caroline Flint is the new Housing Minister.

6pm PlayPolitical: Watch Peter Hain resign

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