Chris Grayling has sent a list of questions to Peter Hain.  Here are the main ones:

  • When were you first made aware of the fact that your campaign had debts of over £100,000, for which you were personally liable?
  • Did any of the payments to trade creditors to meet those debts exceed significantly their normal trading terms, and if so, have you sought advice from the Electoral Commission about whether these also constituted declarable loans?
  • When did you first become aware that donations to your deputy leadership campaign had not been declared? And when did you first inform the Electoral Commission that your original declaration to it was incomplete?
  • What checks did you personally make during the deputy leadership campaign to ensure that donations were being properly registered?
  • What involvement, if any, did you have in raising the money to pay off the debts of your campaign?
  • If you had no involvement in this, who did take responsibility for organising the fund raising effort to clear your debts?
  • Will you commit to publishing any correspondence, by email, letter or internal memoranda, between members of your campaign team about fund raising?
  • When were you first informed that sufficient funds had been raised to clear your debts?
  • Given the fact that you knew that your campaign had substantial debts, and that fund raising was taking place to meet those debts, why were you unaware that additional donations were being sought for your campaign which would be declarable?
  • Please could you publish a list of the actual dates on which the undeclared donations were received by your campaign?

Any then some questions about the mysterious think tank that was used to fund Mr Hain’s deputy leadership bid:

  • Under the terms of electoral law, to be permissible, any company has to be actually trading in the UK. Can you please clarify what its status actually is, what due diligence your campaign carried out into it, and what involvement you have had with it?
  • How many staff does the ‘think tank’ employ?
  • What documents has it published?
  • When were you first made aware that donations to your deputy leadership campaign were being made by this ‘think tank’?
  • What donations have been made to PPF since the conclusion of the deputy leadership campaign?
  • Why were donors to PPF not fully informed that their donations were being passed to your deputy leadership campaign in advance of this being done?

Download full text (PDF) of Chis Grayling’s letter to Peter Hain.

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