Burt_alistair1One of the weaknesses of the Cameron operation has been inadequate attempts to involve the whole parliamentary party in the project.  MPs have often felt left out and uninformed about key developments in the party.  There has also been a lack of career development of the kind that characterises most modern businesses.

This week David Cameron has taken an important step to address that problem.  Alistair Burt MP has been moved from his job at Local Government (his regeneration position will be filled shortly) to a new position inside the Whip’s Office.  Mr Burt will have responsibility for ensuring that all talents are matched with needs.  Mr Burt who was well-regarded by colleagues when he was PPS to Iain Duncan Smith and then Michael Howard also aims to ensure that the party in Westminster works more closely with council leaders, MEPs and other elected Conservatives.  He will be writing for ConservativeHome about his new role in the not-too-distant-future.

George Eustice has also returned from his break (which included running a marathon in Hawaii!) and is beginning his work of building stronger relations between the party leadership and third party groups, particularly within the conservative movement.  George has also agreed to write for us about what he will be doing.

Two very good appointments.

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