Yougov45%. 45%. 45%!

It may not last but it’s good to see that voter antipathy to the Conservative brand is in serious retreat.

YouGov also finds that Gordon Brown’s approval rating has slumped to -26%.  It was -16% last month.

8.45am, 16 December: The Sunday Times has some additional interesting data from its YouGov poll:

  • "The Tories now enjoy a 20-point lead among female voters, compared with 6 points among men."
  • "At the height of the Brown “honeymoon”, in August, the prime minister had a net approval rating of 48%, the difference between those saying he was doing a good job and those saying he was doing badly. In October, when he was agonising over whether to call an early election, his approval rating was still a healthy 30%. But it dropped to minus 10% last month and is down to minus 26% this month… While David Cameron has a positive personal rating of 20%, Brown’s is now only just above the lowest point reached by Tony Blair – minus 34% in April 2006, at the height of the cash for honours scandal."
  • "By a margin of 45% to 12%, people think Brown is less competent than Blair was, though by a small margin, 26% to 23%, they think he is more honest and truthful."

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