Yesterday evening we began our look at Ipsos-MORI’s review of the year with two charts that showed Gordon Brown suffering a Major-like decline in popularity and David Cameron defying the trajectories of his predecessors as Tory leaders.

The top two charts from Ipsos-MORI’s review of the year point to the ‘fundamentals’ that are running against Labour:

  1. People are becoming more pessimistic about their economic circumstances (although there have (briefly) been three other occasions when they have been more pessimistic during the Labour years); and
  2. Compared to 1998 there has been a 50% increase in the proportion of people who believe that Britain is getting a worse place to live.

The Conservatives cannot afford to overdo the pessimism but there is a growing sense among the electorate that Britain is in trouble.


A third chart also points to the extent to which voters have lost faith in government.  Only 21% tend to believe that the Government will tell the truth.  Even fewer voters think they have influence on public services or government policies.


Our third and final look at Ipsos-MORI’s end of year report will be published later this morning.

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