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Today we publish the final set of results from our November survey – on foreign and defence policy…

Foreignpolicyfindings The results show that, despite the damage done by the Iraq war, most Conservative members retain a robust attitude to national security:

  • By nearly two-to-one they reject the idea that military action must be authorised by the United Nations.
  • Just over half agree with the controversial doctrine of pre-emption.  Winston Churchill would have approved.  He famously quipped: "You must never fire until you have been shot dead?"
  • 86% want a bigger military.  This confirms an earlier ConservativeHome Panel finding that defence should be the party’s number one public expenditure priority.

Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox warmly welcomed the findings.  He issued the following statement to ConservativeHome:

"When it comes to security there is a strong Conservative belief in being masters of our own destiny.  While international co-operation is to be valued we must as a nation maintain the tools to act separately when our national interest requires it."

The surge of extra troops in Iraq does seem to be improving the situation

> Agree 59%, Disagree 18%, Don’t know 23%

When it comes to foreign policy, Britain should be closer to the English-speaking world and less close to Europe
> Agree 65%, Disagree 20%, Don’t know 15%
> John O’Sullivan will be pleased with that finding. In Saturday’s Telegraph he called for Britain to take a bigger role in the Anglosphere.

Free trade is more important for fighting global poverty than aid spending
> Agree 86%, Disagree 6%, Don’t know 8%

Britain should increase aid spending every year as part of our commitment to tackle global poverty
> Agree 26%, Disagree 60%, Don’t know 14%

Turkey should be welcomed into the European Union
> Agree 34%, Disagree 48%, Don’t know 18%
> Liam Fox made the case for Turkish membership of the EU here.

The United States of America is a force for good in the world
> Agree 68%, Disagree 16%, Don’t know 16%
> That 32% who disagree or don’t know is disappointingly high.

A Conservative Prime Minister should always raise human rights issues when he meets the leaders of nations that oppress their citizens
> Agree 73%, Disagree 18%, Don’t know 9%
> This result was discussed on 22 December: Poll shows Conservative commitment to human rights abroad

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