PopulusTimes: "Labour is down by 16 points to 35 per cent on being the best to manage the economy. The Tories are at 34 per cent, up six points in three months.  The Tories have overtaken Labour on getting the balance right between taxes and public spending, at 31 to 27 per cent, after a 10 point drop in Labour’s rating. The Tories have moved into the lead on representing Britain’s best interests in the EU, by 30 to 29.  Labour has also lost ground on the NHS and standards in schools, and remains only just ahead of the Tories, by four points and one point respectively. Labour’s biggest lead is on tackling the shortage of affordable housing where it is ahead by 36 to 20 per cent.  The Tories have strengthened their lead on crime and anti-social behaviour, immigration and asylum."

8.45am Tuesday update: The previous Populus poll – at the start of November – had Labour 1% ahead (37% to 36%).  This is also the first time that Populus has put the Conservatives ahead since Brown became Prime Minister.  The 10.4% Tory lead in the ConservativeHome Poll of Polls is the largest.

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