YougovThe Tories have a 12% lead over Labour in the latest YouGov poll, this time for The Telegraph.

We’ve added Nick Clegg to the poll graphic although much of YouGov’s survey was conducted before his narrow victory had been confirmed.  The LibDems would have benefited from their leadership election ‘being in the news’, however, throughout the Monday to Wednesday period when this poll was ‘in the field’.

The poll finds that the Conservatives now have a narrow 34% to 31% advantage on which party is best trusted to manage Britain’s economy.  The Tories faced a 49% to 27% disadvantage at the last General Election.

YouGov also identifies a clear majority of voters (58%) who are "inclined to disapprove" of Jacqui Smith’s decision to phase in the police pay award.  22% are inclined to approve.

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