Sky News has a poll of LibDem members and – as noted yesterday evening within this post – it shows a modest lead for Nick Clegg among the half to have already voted.  These findings from the poll interested me most…

"Nearly half of members polled (49%) prefer Gordon Brown as Prime Minister than David Cameron (18%) and would prefer to side with Labour rather than the Conservatives in the event of a ‘hung parliament’. 44% would oppose a coalition with the Tories under any circumstances, while only 26% would oppose a similar deal with Labour."

Even with Labour exposed as incompetent, sleazy and disunited, more than twice as many LibDems prefer Brown to Cameron.  Staggering.

We need to beat this party.  The thought of sharing power with them – and the enormous compromises that that would require – appals me.

PS I loved the "Coming Up: Madness" caption that appeared below Chris Huhne when he was interviewed by Adam Boulton a little earlier…


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