172502483294% of members are satisfied with David Cameron in ConservativeHome’s latest survey of grassroots opinion.  ‘The bounceback‘ that took place last month has strengthened further.  Just 6% of members are now dissatisfied with the Conservative leader.  Good opinion polls, Labour woes and the promise of more traditional Conservative fare (on tax, education and prisons) are all likely to be contributory factors.

90% of members think it "likely" that David Cameron will be Prime Minister after the next General Election, 7% think it "unlikely" and just over 2% don’t know.  Two months ago – before Chicken Saturday – just 29% expected Mr Cameron to make it to Downing Street at the next Election.

On a personal note I’ve certainly warmed to David Cameron considerably and for a combination of reasons but one stands out…

We all have issues that really matter to us.  The special relationship matters disproportionately to me.  I’ve dedicated a blog to it (!) and, last week, wrote for The Weekly Standard about ‘the special relationship within the special relationship’ – the Tory-GOP relationship.  I was greatly encouraged by the commitment to transatlantic understanding that the Tory leader signalled in his speech to Brookings

Some have dismissed last week’s thirty minute Bush-Cameron meeting as too trivial, too short to be significant.  That misses two points: (1) Cameron also met Rice, the Treasury Secretary, the head of the World Bank, the Mayor of New York, Colin Powell, Senator Chuck Hagel etc; (2) My guess is that there’ll be a lot more contact from now on at the level of officials and elected representatives… a relationship between the GOP and the Conservatives has started up again… the ice has thawed.  I hope that the party will be talking to the Democrats, too.  This all matters because America is the most important nation in the world.  UK-US bilateralism is not just vital for British economic interests (although it most certainly is) – American leadership is vital for meeting nearly every security, environmental and free trade objective.

Be reassured readers that I’m not a 100% Cameroon.  I’m still not sure we have the policies to match the scale of Britain’s problems… I’m disappointed with yesterday’s statement on state fundingThe revival of the A-list is depressing… But: things are definitely going in the right direction.  94% of you appear to agree! 

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