QuestiontimeThe EU’s leaders signed the Treaty earlier today and the BBC could have predicted that it would be a topic of some interest for tonight’s Question Time.

And guess who they put on the panel?

Four Europhiles…

Piers Morgan, Charles Kennedy, Hazel Blears and Chris Patten.

Kirstie Allsop was the only Eurosceptic.

This failure by our publicly-funded broadcaster is typical.  Although the Corporation is often careful to gravitate towards party political neutrality it gets the more fundamental biases wrong.  It’s quite usual on QT and Radio 4’s Any Questions to hear all of the panellists agree on topics.  There is often 75%/80% opposition to the Iraq war, for example.  There has often been consensus on ‘moral issues’ like abortion and euthanasia.

When the BBC thinks of diversity it thinks of colour and diversity.  Real diversity should include breadth of perspective.

I’m grateful to Simon Richards of The Freedom Association for drawing my attention to tonight’s biased panel.