9.20pm: Nick Clegg records a victory message for YouTube

Deborah Thomas, our candidate up against Vince Cable, has blogged her own reaction to Clegg’s win.

5.45pm: Clegg’s Sat-Nav concept.

4.25pm: James Forsyth suggests that Huhne could become the champion of LibDem grassroots sentiments on issues like PR… Read him here.

3.40pm: ToryRadio has an audio of Calamity’s speech.

3.25pm: Well done to the well-prepared LibDem website team…

Both Sky and News 24 have moved on.  Turned on Radio Five and they’ve moved on, too.  It’ll be interesting to see how much coverage this gets on tonight’s bulletins.  There doesn’t seem to be much excitement and as James Forsyth wrote earlier: "The timing of the leadership race, though, has done whoever wins no favours. Any momentum they build up over the next few days will be halted by the holidays."

3.15pm: John Rentoul’s review of Clegg’s speech: "Clegg was completely vacuous. His election was a fresh start, he said. Which new leader does not think that – they have to prove it. He was elected to change Britain, apparently. And he’s a liberal. Blimey."

3.05pm: Caroline Spelman congratulates Nick Clegg:


“We congratulate Nick Clegg on becoming the latest leader of the Liberal Democrats. We hope that the Liberal Democrats under Mr Clegg will join us in putting pressure on the Government to devolve power to local authorities, communities and individuals; in our opposition to ID cards; and in our commitment to social justice and environmental progress. We hope that together we can create a new progressive alliance to decentralise British politics.”

That’s known as love-bombing!  Fascinating.  Will Cameron call Clegg and congratulate him when he lands in China?

3pm: Charles Kennedy tells News 24 that it was best new leader’s speech he has ever heard.  Clegg said that liberalism was spirit of the age and that he wanted to create a Liberal Britain. 

2.55pm: 51,325 LibDems voted in the election that saw Ming win.  The number of participants shrunk by nearly 20% this time.

Sadming2.47pm: Generous speech from Huhne.  All that Calamity Clegg stuff is forgotten it seems.  Poor Ming looks so sad.

2.45pm: 198,844 people voted in the Tory leadership race… Just 41,465 voted in the LibDem contest.  4.8 times as many Tories.

2.39pm: Clegg wins by 20,988 to 20,477.

209882.35pm: Vince Cable about to declare result… Says that he’s not about to undertake a coup!  Some LibDems will wish he that he would.  Says that LibDems need to appreciate the importance of programmes like Strictly Come Dancing!  Get on with it, Vince!!

2.33pm: Sky saying that Clegg’s winning margin is only 500 votes.

2.20pm: News24 is predicting a very narrow Clegg victory.  Clegg was expected to win decisively… if it is "very narrow" it will be a result of his lacklustre campaign.

Announcement of ballot delayed until about 2.45pm.  Political Betting’s pundits are collectively predicting a Clegg victory with 53.7%.  Vince Cable’s acting leadership ends on another high.  He’s been all over the media today discussing the latest development’s in the stealthy nationalisation of Northern Rock.  We put his ‘Bean performance’ at PMQs on PlayPolitical earlier.

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