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Editor’s verdict: "A win for Brown but more because of Cameron’s choice of questions rather than because the PM performed well. DC’s second set of questions were too trivial although he started with Kosovo, of course. David Cameron should have asked about substantial issues. Labour’s record on education would have been a good topic.  Cable’s first question was funny.  His question on Iraq was over the top."  Nick Robinson, however, says that Cameron’s aim of painting Brown as indecisive could be of great long-term benefit for the Conservatives.

Highlights, not verbatim:

12.25pm: An SNP MP invites Gordon Brown to congratulate Alex Salmond for honouring the police pay award in full.  No, replies Brown – suggesting that Scotland’s First Minister has failed to honour a manifesto pledge to put an extra 1,000 police on the streets.

12.19pm: Gordon Brown responds by saying that David Cameron is a man of gimmicks – not long-term planning.

12.17pm: This is a dysfunctional government, Cameron says – unable to decide on an election, unable to decide what to do with Northern Rock, unable to decide whether or not to go to the signing of Lisbon Treaty.  This was the year that Gordon Brown got "found out".

12.16pm: David Cameron asks Gordon Brown why Tony Blair describes the Cabinet as the ‘B team’.  Talk about substance, Brown responds.

12.14pm: Michael Fabricant asks why Scottish police officers are paid more than English police officers for doing the same job?

For Cable’s second question the subject shifts to Iraq and the acting LibDem leader suggests that the people of Basra have lost one fascist government but gained another.

12.09pm: When Gordon Brown tucks into his Brussels sprouts on Christmas Day, which disaster will he remember most keenly, asks Vince Cable: the electoral non-decision or the incompetence over datagate?  Brown responds by saying that he has taken the long-term decisions for Britain on energy and education.  He thanks Vince Cable for his appearances at PMQs and wonders if it might not be long before he returns to the LibDem leadership.  To cheers from all sides other than Labour, Cable says that the PM is ill-advised to raise the issue of changes in party leadership.

12.08pm: Gordon Brown says that it is premmature to deploy extra troops but that all efforts must be made to convince Russia and Serbia of the right way forward.

12.06pm: David Cameron asks about the situation in Kosovo saying that Kosovo cannot be left in constitutional limbo; that other border issues must not be reopened; and also that NATO’s reserve force should reinforce the troops already there.

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