The benches behind him were relatively empty this afternoon as the Prime Minister got up to deliver a report on last week’s EU summitry.  Although Mr Brown did not mention the Lisbon signing neither David Cameron nor Vince Cable were willing to let him push the issue under the carpet.

David Cameron said that the Prime Minister will not restore trust in politics until he grants a referendum.  This issue will not go away, the Leader of the Opposition insisted.  The Prime Minister’s behaviour is making him look "shifty" and "untrustworthy".  As Mr Cameron concluded he suggested that Mr Brown was "weak", "dithering", "second-rate" and "not straight with people".

In his last Commons appearance as acting LibDem leader, Vince Cable said that the Prime Minister had been "incompetent" for not organising his diary so that he could attend the Lisbon signing, or "discourteous" for not having tried or "duplicitous" for trying to have a halfway house of signing when noone else was there.

Listen to Brown’s statement via ToryRadio.

4.30pm: Download PDF of David Cameron’s EU statement.

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