In our third look at Ipsos-MORI’s review of the year these two graphs are a reminder to David Cameron that he must address a broad range of issues if he is to get closer to that 45% target level of support (this week’s Economist suggests what he still needs to do).

Never again must the party return to silence on the issue of immigration.  If the party ever designs a 1997-five-point-pledge-card it could do worse than include promises on immigration, crime, the NHS, security issues and schools; the five top issues over the last twelve months.  Although who would bet against the economy and tax moving into the top five by the end of ’08?


The second Ipsos-MORI graph is all about ‘the politics of and’.  There appears to be more enthusiasm for continued (but undefined) modernisation but there’s also majority support for the Tories to remain true to their traditional values – particularly amongst the all important base of the party.


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