An ICM survey for Newsnight suggests that twice as many voters see
Gordon Brown as sleazy (57%) as see David Cameron as sleazy (28%).  44%
agree with Mr Cameron’s PMQs’ attack that Mr Brown is not "cut out for
the job".  Unfortunately only 41% think the Conservative leader passes
his own test.  43% think Mr Cameron the most competent leader and 42%
think the same of Mr Brown.

Those LibDems who
think Vince Cable should be their leader might have their enthusiasm
cooled by the revelation that just 8% think their acting leader is cut
out for the job.

8am on 4/12:
As our party attempts to present itself as an alternative government – competent and prepared – one of the most important tasks has been given to Francis Maude and Greg Clark – our shadow cabinet office team.  They will oversee the party’s implementation office – a unit that will ensure policy ideas are ready to be implemented and not just press released.  The unit will also help to prepare shadow ministers for the responsibilities of office.  At last night’s Policy Exchange reception David Cameron was the speaker and he announced that Nick Boles – that think tank’s highly-regarded founder and our candidate in Grantham and Stamford – will run the implementation unit.  I hope to write a lot more about this important unit soon and, in particular, the division of responsibilities between the MPs like Francis Maude, who has ministerial experience, and Nick, who doesn’t.

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