The Tories are on 41% (unchanged), Labour 32% (down 3%) and the LibDems on 14% (up 1%).

8.15pm: I’m also hearing that a Times poll has trust in Labour’s economic competence down from 61% to 28%.  Amazing.

9.45pm: Direct from Sky: "The number of voters who trust Gordon Brown and Chancellor Alistair Darling more than David Cameron and George Osborne to deal with economic problems in the months and years ahead has fallen from 61% in September to 16%.  Trust in the Tory leader and shadow chancellor has gone up from 27% to 34%.  But the number of people who said they did not trust either team, or did not know which they trusted, has tripled from 12% to 37%.  People are less certain of the Government’s competence – 56% said they were capable in September, that has fallen to 25% now.  Voters also think Labour is less honest and principled than before. 37% thought they were in September, only 20% did by Wednesday night."

Friday morning (graphic added):


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