A public row with David Miliband

Alistair Darling is roasted for the Government’s mishandling of Northern Rock

Darling is back in the Commons to tell the nation that the personal data of 25 million people has been lost

All of the newspapers turn on Labour for incompetence

Another Ratner moment for Mr Brown at PMQs as he tries to play politics with ‘datagate’

Government borrowing has reached its annual limit only seven months into the financial year

Former Defence chiefs mount coordinated attack on Labour underfunding of the armed forces

New leak of the foot-and-mouth virus has been reported

MoD’s rushed sale of research arm has cost taxpayer tens of millions says National Audit Office

The number trusting Labour to deal with economic problems collapses from 61% to 28% in two months

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving man.  I’m sure Tony Blair agrees.  It probably won’t be long before there’s lots of speculation about Brown’s future.

PS Just to rub salt in the wounds, Sky publishes this photo of Mr Brown…


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