Sometimes it takes someone slightly distant from the day-to-day detail of a political situation to best understand the big picture.  Reihan Salam, who I enjoy dinner with on every one of my regular Washington visits, has provided such a bird’s eye view of David Cameron’s Conservative Party for this week’s Weekly Standard.  Reihan’s excellent piece won’t offer very much new for the regular readers of ConservativeHome but it’ll be useful to the many Americans who, because of Brown’s collapse and this week’s impending Bush-Cameron meeting, may want to know a little more about the Conservative leader and the new favourite to be Britain’s next Prime Minister.  Here are Reihan’s concluding words:

"The so-called "Cameroonians" are in a sense the true heirs to the American neoconservatives of the 1970s. They are sensitive to the role culture plays in perpetuating poverty. They are cautious about the power of the state and yet not allergic to using the state to meliorist ends. Perhaps most important, they enthusiastically embrace modern Britain and not Britain as it was in 1950."

David Cameron a neocon?  1970s version or not – that won’t please him!

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