At the last few PMQs the rather flat-footed Brown has deployed two favourite lines: (1) The Leader of the Opposition isn’t listening to me and (2) there’s a £6bn black hole in the Tory spending plans.

It’s time to hit back at Brown very hard when he next uses that attack line.

Something like:

"The Prime Minister accuses us of having suspect statistics.  What rubbish.  What hypocrisy.  He is the Michael Fish of forecasting.  His Government predicted that 15,000 people would come to Britain each year from EU countries.  The numbers have been twenty or thirty times that number.  We can’t be sure because his Government has lost control of the nation’s borders.  Last week he had to admit that 300,000 extra migrant workers had suddenly been discovered.  That’s the equivalent of the entire population of Coventry, Bradford or Leicester.  And, as for that figure of £6bn?  It’s a nonsense number but here are some real numbers about government waste.  His NHS supercomputer.  £14bn over budgetOlympics: £7bn over budget.  Astute Class submarine: £1bn over budget.  £2bn overpaid in tax credits.  £2bn lost on gold sales.  The Prime Minister is the great waster.  He’s wasting our money.  And every day he stays in office is a wasted day – a day longer before Britain gets the change it needs."

I’m sure you can do better than that.  How would you respond to Brown’s £6bn line?

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