ORB has conducted a poll for tonight’s Newsnight.  Here are the main findings from a telephone survey of just over 1,000 people:

  • 24% think the Labour Government is doing a good job in its handling of the immigration issue but 72% think it’s doing a poor job.
  • 44% thought that, overall, immigrants to the UK had helped the country more than they hard harmed it.  41% thought more harm than help.
  • By 52% to 45% respondents agreed with the contention that "immigrants pose a threat to employment in the UK."
  • By 60% to 36% respondents disagreed with the contention that "immigrants pose a threat to public order and people’s safety."
  • By 49% to 46% respondents disagreed with the suggestion that "without immigrants coming to the UK our economy would suffer."
  • By 62% to 35% there was agreement that "Britain will soon lose its unique identity if immigration continues as it is."

29% of respondents thought that "David Cameron and the Conservative Party" would do the best job of handling the issue of immigration.  That’s slightly more than the 26% who thought that of "Gordon Brown and the Labour Party".  ORB found that there is a big overlap between those inclined to support the Conservatives on immigration and those who think immigration is largely harmful for Britain.

PS Have you bookmarked Newsnight’s Big Fat Politics blog?

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