YougovA YouGov survey for The Sunday Times puts the Conservatives 6% ahead of Labour.  Labour are down 3% to 35%, the Conservatives are unchanged on 41%.

Anthony Wells at UK Polling Report notes that the Conservatives appear to be settling in the low forties:

"With the exception of Populus who have them slightly lower, Conservative support seems to have steadied in the low fourties – YouGov have had them at 41% for three polls in a row, Ipsos-MORI at 40-41 for three polls, ICM at 40-43% for three polls. Interestingly their support seems to have settled at a higher level than before the Blair to Brown handover, the reason that they are not recording larger leads than they were back then is that is has also increased Labour’s support."

We’ll have to wait and see if the new LibDem leader can pull the Tories below the 40% mark.

The Sunday Times poll also discovers a sharp drop in Gordon Brown’s approval rating:


Mike Smithson at has been analysing the data and notices a particularly large Tory advantage amongst the over 55s – the likeliest group in the population to actually vote.

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