…That’s perhaps the most interesting finding from two opinion polls that appear tomorrow.

BPIX for the Mail on Sunday find 46% opposed to ID cards and 43% in favour.  I’m grateful to John Leonard and UK Polling Report for the advance knowledge.

BPIX has the Conservatives on 40% (-1%) and Labour on 35% (-2%).  No LibDem number in the MoS piece.  Because of BPIX’s irregular pubblication we don’t include it within ConservativeHome’s Poll of Polls but it is a poll that generally echoes YouGov’s findings.  BPIX have (imo) a pretty worthless question about the parties’ standing if Blair was still PM.  For the record they’d both be on 37%.

Of those who express an opinion… most voters told BPIX that Gordon Brown is more incompetent than John Major  and that Alistair Darling is a worse Chancellor than Norman Lamont.

A Creston poll (related to ICM according to Anthony Wells (so it must be true!)) for the News of the World finds that 49% want Alistair Darling to resign.  The poll also finds the Tories and Labour level on 38%.  Do I believe that?  No!

More in the morning…

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