Editor’s verdict: "Another very poor performance from Mr Brown.  He dodged the questions of both David Cameron and Vince Cable.  I wonder if the Labour MPs are beginning to miss Tony Blair?!  Gordon Brown’s stumbling performances do illustrate how good Mr Blair was at this."

Highlights, not verbatim:

12.27pm: Dennis Skinner makes a long statement about miners, Michael Heseltine and Black Wednesday.  The Speaker doesn’t require him to ask a question.

12.23pm: Peter Luff asks what exactly has Lord Malloch Brown done to deserve his grace and favour residence?  The Prime Minister responds by saying that the former UN bureaucrat is doing a great job.

12.12pm: Vince Cable asks the Prime Minister to confirm that the taxpayer is lending Northern Rock £24bn – twice the amount Britain spends on primary schools every year and four times the international development expenditure.  Brown responds by saying that much of the relationship is confidential.  He then fails to answer Mr Cable’s second question concerning whether all of the lending will be repaid – in full – by the end of this Parliament.

12.09pm: Does the Prime Minister want to know about a major security breach in our country?  Why won’t he answer a simple question?  People will conclude that he is not delivering the candour, honesty and openness that he promised.  Brown fails to answer for a third time – to Tory chants of ‘When? When?’ – and says that what the Government did about the security breaches was what mattered.

12.08pm: Cameron tries again: When was the Prime Minister told?  Brown fails to answer again.

12.06pm: When was Gordon Brown told about this problem, David Cameron asks? Gordon Brown doesn’t answer the question.

12.03pm: David Cameron asks about the Home Secretary’s failure to reveal the fact that illegal immigrants were cleared for security work. The Government has been caught red-handed putting spin before public safety. Gordon Brown responds by saying that procedures have now been put in place to stop the problem happening again. 

Starts here at noon.  Watch it live via Sky.

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