Editor’s verdict: "A good win for David Cameron.  With such an open goal expectations were very high – which could have made it difficult for the Conservative leader – but he was helped by Gordon Brown’s attempt to play politics by suggesting that the Tory James review would have made things worse.  Great line from Cameron: Gordon Brown tries to control everything but can’t run anything.  My overall conclusion: Trust in this Government won’t be the only casualty of this sorry affair.  The public will lose faith in government full stop.  Libertarians can smile at that."

Not verbatim highlights:

12.29pm: David Heathcoat-Amory ends PMQs by saying that we need to have a generation of nuclear power stations in order to avoid the industralisation of the English landscape with wind turbines.  The Speaker fails to stop the huge noise from the Labour benches as he speaks.  Brown responds by saying that the Tories are divided on the environment.

12.13pm: It’s "weird", David Cameron continues, that after what has happened the PM won’t even stop and think.  It is now clear that this is a Prime Minister who tries to control everything but cannot run anything.  Brown replies by listing Labour achievements: We have run a very successful economy, he says.

12.12pm: David Cameron asks if it is time to stop and think about the Government’s plans for ID cards?   Mr Brown replies by saying that most European nations have ID cards, and names advisers to David Cameron that allegedly support ID  cards.

12.10pm: David Cameron replies that on a day of such incompetence from Labour it’s "pathetic" to try and blame the Opposition for anything.  The PM should be a big man and face up to his responsibilities.  Mr Brown repeats his apology.

12.06pm: David Cameron: If a junior official can have access to confidential data not once but twice there are systemic failures.  He goes on to list other failures at HMRC.  "This has been going on for years," he continues.  This is the Prime Minister’s problem – he expanded its scope.  Does he accept any responsibility?  Gordon Brown responds by saying that the Tory James Review wanted to make deep cuts in the HMRC.

12.04pm: People are not worried, says David Cameron, they are angry.  Does the PM accept that there are systematic failures at HM Revenue & Customs?  The PM replies by saying that procedures were not followed.

12.02pm: Prime Minister "profoundly regrets" and "apologises" for loss of child benefit records loss in response to question from Labour MP.  Mr Brown says he has ordered a review across Whitehall of procedures and will give Information Commissioner the power to spot-check Government Departments.

We do not need to guess what David Cameron will ask the Prime Minister about today…

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