The Guardian has just released a new ICM poll.

It has the Conservatives on 37% (down 3%), Labour on 31% (down 4%) and the LibDems up to 21% (up 3%).

The Guardian’s Will Woodward comments: "Despite having only an interim leader, the Liberal Democrats are up three points. The party’s improved performance can be seen as a reflection of the extra media coverage it has received because of the ongoing leadership contest, and perhaps more importantly some telling interventions by the acting leader, Vince Cable, particularly over Northern Rock. The Lib Dems took two council seats from the Tories this week in byelections, in Forest Heath in Suffolk and Conwy, North Wales."

7.45pm: Graphic added below. The percentage changes above for the main parties refer to the last ICM poll for The Guardian.  The percentage changes in the graphic below refer to changes since the most recent ICM poll for any media organisation (in this case for The Sunday Express).  I do not know if ICM used different methodologies for The Guardian and Sunday Express.


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