Last night we covered the fact that the Telegraph/ YouGov poll gave the Tories an 11% lead.  Within the poll there’s lots of interesting details:

  • 23% are satisfied with Gordon Brown and 59% dissatisfied.
  • The Conservatives have a 1% lead on economic competence – 33% to 32%; Labour had a 49% to 27% advantage at the last election.
  • 11% think Alistair Darling is doing a good job; 53% think he’s doing a bad job.
  • 52% agree that the Government is neither competent nor efficient.
  • 60% agree that Labour appears sleazy; only 31% say the same of David Cameron’s Conservatives.

The table on the right indicates the extent to which the loss of the HMRC data on 25 million peoples’ personal information leads public perceptions of Labour as incompetent.

You can access all of the numbers from within this page on

3.15pm: A Populus poll confirms Labour’s weakening position.  53% of voters agreed that "the Labour Government now appears to be more sleazy than the previous Conservative
Government". 40% disagreed.  60% agreed that they had less trust in Gordon Brown than when he became Prime Minister in June.  36% disagreed. 
60% disagreed with the proposition that despite recent events Mr

Brown was leading a competent government.  By 47% to 40% people still thought that Gordon Brown would make a better Prime Minister than David Cameron.

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