An ICM poll for the Sunday Express puts the Conservatives eight points ahead of Labour on voting intentions. Labour remain on 35% from the last ICM poll with the Conservatives gaining three points, presumably at the expense of the LibDems, to 43%. This is our best showing for fifteen years with ICM.

On the issue polling – in the wake of Brown’s British Jobs for British Workers slogan and the Nigel Hastilow resignation, we are now fifteen points ahead on immigration:

  • Trusted to get immigration right: Cameron 45% / Brown 30%
  • Most likeable: Cameron 46% / Brown 33%
  • Stronger leader: Brown 50% / Cameron 29%
  • More of a conviction politician: Brown 44% / Cameron 30%
  • More courageous: Brown 39% / Cameron 33%
  • Better at handling economy: Brown 53% / Cameron 28%

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